Melody: Other Half

Melanie and Steven were the recipients of a MelodyWed giveaway in March. I was delighted to find out that they were both into country music and especially male-female duets! I love the country songwriting style — rich in metaphor and story-telling. Then they gave me the kickin-est country hook. As soon as I saw the following phrase on their questionnaire, the songwriter in me knew I had struck pure gold. GOLDEN. The song idea for …

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Meet Melanie and Steven

Melanie and Steven won the Eternal Reflections Photography giveaway and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be working this couple. Here is their story: After communicating online for weeks, both Melanie and Steven were nervous about meeting for the first time. Steven describes pulling up into her driveway at 7am and Melanie greeting him in her robe fresh out of the shower. That first day, Mel and Steven walked the Santa Cruz boardwalk in what …

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