Wedding: Jessie and David

Jessie and David got married at a beautiful venue in the mountains in Portola Valley, CA. The ceremony was shrouded in a mist that lent a sweet romance to the service. Jessie looked stunning and David looked thankful; guests wiped their eyes from the *ahem* mist, as the couple presented their meaningful handwritten vows to one another. The party that followed included an Irish rock band and plenty of dancing! Then, it was time for …

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Song Analysis: Yours I Remain

Jessie likes moving, mystical folk music and David likes country and folk. So I wrote the song in a country songwriting style and am giving it an ethereal, folk glow during sound production in the hopes that both bride and groom are satisfied with the Melody. The phrase “I used all the words they would let me” refers to a message David sent to Jessie while deployed with the Coast Guard that she quotes as …

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Melody: Yours I Remain

Jessie and David met in 7th grade, nearly immediately falling for each other, and dated from 8th-10th grade. Though personal circumstances separated them for a time, their hearts remained warm toward one another. “We had to grow alone before we could grow together.” — David A full decade later, they reunited, but began dating a month before David was to be deployed with the Coast Guard for a year and Jessie was to be traveling …

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