Featured on Novel Hill: Portraits and Video

My friend Brandon from Novel Hill studio took my professional portraits when I started Jessica Lindsay Custom Songwriting three years ago. We both thought it only appropriate, as I venture into a new beginning with MelodyWed™, that his lens be the one to capture the brand. We roamed all over San Francisco last November in search of urban and natural settings to serve as backdrops. And what amazing locations we found! _____________________________________________________ Brandon wrote a …

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Featured on Talia Studio

You’ll read about how we met Talia and her husband Jeff on her blog post HERE, but I too want to tell our friendship story. It was MelodyWed’s first bridal show — the exquisite San Francisco Wedding Fair. Alexander and I were wrapping up a successful five hours of meeting and greeting brides and vendors alike. We were riding on the high of adrenaline and the energy of being with people. We were exhausted, but …

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