custom songwriting

First Dance Song? Custom.

Having a custom song written for your first dance is like falling for the ONE — it’s the obvious choice. You are personalizing *everything* else about your wedding: flowers, dress, vows, cake, colors, venue, etc. to uniquely fit you. A song about your love story for your first dance just makes sense. How does it work? First, you and your fiancé fill out the Melody Questionnaire with questions like “What are you most looking forward …

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Discover This Light: My Own Custom Wedding Song

My personal experience with custom songwriting has persuaded me to be a true believer in its power and value. Here is our story: I taught my little brother, Zachary, to play the piano until he was 12 years old. Since then, he has been truly faithful to developing his skill, technique, expertise. He is dedicated to his craft: he expresses himself through music daily, tickling piano keys, guitar strings, and vocal chords, writing songs, and …

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MelodyWed Milestones

It used to be that when a stranger asked me what I do for a living, I would tell them that I am a math teacher by trade, but a songwriter by passion. Starting my custom songwriting business, MelodyWed™, has been quite the journey — below mark some of the milestones of its foundation. In 2006, I sat cross-legged on the porch swing with my baby Taylor guitar, a notebook, and the desire to write …

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