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The fluffiest white snow blew from the skies filling the morning with hope for a glorious photo expedition. Alexander had rented a fancy camera to accompany him on his visit to upstate New York and we were very excited to explore its capabilities. We arrived at our destination, the marvelous Green Lakes State Park, with our rented Kia and Canon 5D Mark II, in awe of the frozen-over expanse and wooded landscape. At a mere sixteen degrees, the walk promised to be crisp. Little did I know, it promised to be so much more.

The cold burned our fingers and toes, but still we walked on. In awe of a lilting songbird here, a magical winding path there… We walked on, captivated. Alexander snapped pictures and captured moments.

And then, we both saw it. A bench that would change our lives forever. I laughed in a photo-gathering frenzy and said, “Let’s go up there!”

Surprised and pleased, we read the following plaque on our beloved bench.

“Take my hand and lead me to salvation,
Take my love for love is everlasting.
And remember the truth that was once spoken:
To love another person is to see the face of God.”

— Les Miserable

Amazing. To be caught in such a moment of drifting snow with the one my heart desired.

Then he took me in his arms. Squished between us was the expensive rented camera that started the whole thing =)

He said, “You know what would make this moment even more amazing?”

I shivered and replied, “Hot cocoa?”

He shook his head, dropped down on one knee in the frigid cold, took out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen, and asked me to be his bride.

“Jessica, will you marry me?” His brown eyes sparkled up at me.

I said yes.

— The Beginning —