Presence Are
A poem by Jessica Lindsay

Presence are a golden gift
wrapped with lightest lace,
delicate dreams,
fleeting face.

Once time is speed
too quickly past,
A feather floats
to bleeding blast.

Instead retreat into my mind.
A haven sure, in weakness bind
myself to this ole bollard true,
amidst the sea and ocean blue

It’s tickered tape that I allow
to trickle’n’trape across my brow
as slowly I digest the waves
Of cadenced worry and whiskey saves

Though beat against the wharf and bow
by memories and plans,
I hold on tight to my anchored now
and fight the ancient ruins

Latency grabs me by the neck and I
struggle to scream

All Rights Reserved, MelodyWed


How do you fight the urge to retreat into the safety of your mind? How do you manage to stay present? Would love to hear from you in the comments below.