It used to be that when a stranger asked me what I do for a living, I would tell them that I am a math teacher by trade, but a songwriter by passion. Starting my custom songwriting business, MelodyWed™, has been quite the journey — below mark some of the milestones of its foundation.

Chapter 1: “Landscape Lovers”

Photo Credit: Brandon Smith, Novel Hill studio

Photo Credit: Brandon Smith, Novel Hill studio

In 2006, I sat cross-legged on the porch swing with my baby Taylor guitar, a notebook, and the desire to write a song. I was sixteen years old and had been writing songs for years, but currently my own well of feeling and fodder was a little dry. I caught a glimpse of my neighbors, Steve and Vivian, across the backyard and started imagining what their relationship must be like. I wrote from what I knew of them — they were quiet, kept to themselves, and had been married for many years. They were almost always outside together tending to their landscape. I wrote a song using the imagery of the willow tree and sunsets and called it “Landscape Lovers.” It uses the metaphor of plants, trees, and flowers, to illustrate their love.

Like these plants that we sow, so you grow
In my heart everyday
I wish you knew how far your roots go
Into my soul…

When I played the song for my neighbors, they were deeply impacted and told me to follow my dreams.

It was then I realized that I had a gift for seeing into other people’s stories and capturing that essence in a powerful song.

Chapter 2: “Upon the Highest Hilltop”

Lindsey and Kyle married at City Hall in Pasadena, CA. Photo Credit: Jen May Photography

Lindsey and Kyle married at City Hall in Pasadena, CA. Photo Credit: Jen May Photography

In 2008, I was asked to vocalize on a custom track that my friend had written for his best friend’s wedding. It was a beautiful original song that my friend and I sang live at their wedding as they danced their first dance as husband and wife. The fact that the song had been written *just* for them made their dance so unique and special, not only for the couple, but for all the guests present at the wedding. It brought their love to life.

I realized that the coming together of two people in marriage is one of the most sacred times of their relationship and that a custom song has the power to drive their love into the future with clarity and beauty.

Chapter 3: “Marry You”

Becca and Robby during their first dance to "Marry You"

Becca and Robby during their first dance to “Marry You”

Becca and Robby were the first couple for whom I wrote a first dance wedding song. I remember the meetup in 2011 like it was yesterday — we sat outside of the university campus market at a table in the sunshine and I, with a notebook, gathered answers to my freshly written “questionnaire” from my engaged friends. I asked them about their story and what makes them unique as a couple. I then collaborated with my singer/songwriter brother Zachary, to write and record “Marry You.”

The experience writing for Becca and Robby further solidified my desire to write songs to capture the essence of a couple’s love story for their wedding day.

Chapter 4: “Discover This Light”

Jessica and Alexander during our first dance to "Discover This Light." Photo Credit: Ely Roberts

Our first dance to “Discover This Light.” Photo Credit: Ely Roberts

I was engaged in 2012 and my brother Zachary (with whom I collaborated on “Marry You”) wrote an original song for our wedding. The first time I heard this song, I *bawled.* I was video-chatting with my brother and parents at the time and I just put my hand over my mouth and cried it was so powerful! The song had such beautiful instances of “us” and had truth written in its lyrics. I am still moved to near-tears when I hear it and the song holds a very special place in our marriage. When we hear it, our memories flood back of that beautiful first dance as husband and wife — the start of our life together is wrapped up in that song. And it strengthens us. We will be able to hold onto that song for our whole lives… when we start having children, it will be Mommy and Daddy’s song. We will dance to it when we are eighty and remember our love from the very beginning.

My own experience with a custom first dance song has made me realize that a song has such power to unite a couple and remind them of the truth of their love.

Chapter 5: MelodyWed™ founded

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In July 2013, my husband, Alexander, and I decided that I would not apply for a teaching position and instead pursue my passion for songwriting, to give other couples the same gift of song that has been so powerful in our lives and the lives of others. This service is a unique addition to the wedding industry and I hope for it to become a lasting trend. I believe in the vision and am committed to its success. I have put in countless hours preparing, learning, and practicing for the unfolding of this dream that is MelodyWed™.

Here is to many more chapters!
— The Beginning —