Song Preview

Love Story

Six months ago today (Happy six-month anniversary, friends!!), Melodi and Grant tied the knot in a joyous Baha’i ceremony in Southern California. From our first video chat, I realized that this couple simply radiates delight, respect, and togetherness. She calls him “Love” and he calls her “Darling”: thus the song title, “Love, Darling” came to be. The chorus reflects a bit of an “I love you more” battle as the two souls reveal their admiration for one another.

“Love, you radiate with endless joy and wonder
Darling, you dazzle with a smile like the dawn
Love, you captivate with sea-blue eyes and thunder
Darling, your whispered heart has rendered me undone”


Melodi and Grant are eager to grow in unity and to make the world a better place. And I have every confidence that is exactly what they will accomplish! Musically, our clients requested a mix between Plain White Ts, Alexi Murdoch, and Nickel Creek. We wanted the song to exude a down-to-earth joy and pure fun that Melodi and Grant embody. I imagined them years down the road, doing the dishes while giggling and dancing playfully in the kitchen, bubbles flying everywhere as “Love, Darling” plays in the background.

“The song was a HUGE hit. Thank you!” — Melodi

It was such an honour to capture your hearts in this song. Here is to the remainder of a glorious first year of marriage!

First Dance

Video by: Golnaz, wedding guest
Photos by: Katrina Jayne Photography

What does YOUR love sound like?