Sarah of Bad Bad Jewelry

Meet Sarah (aka Lulu), Founder and Owner of Bad Bad Jewelry. Bad Bad produces bold and badass jewelry pieces to inspire and empower women.

Bad Bad logo

When Sarah came to me requesting a custom theme song for her company, I knew immediately this would be an epic project. She used words like “champion,” “legendary,” and “lift heavy.” How could this not be an absolute heart-and-soul-pumping song?

Song Preview


No, she won’t, she won’t, she won’t break


Lift Heavy

Lift heavy and I’m ready to go go
If I ain’t sweatin then I ain’t going home home

I’m a champion, I go strong
Never let up, never let on
I’m a legend, Imma get gone
Never set back, never done

I go get it, I go get it, get it

All Rights Reserved, MelodyWed™


Bad Bad is hosting a fundraising campaign through June 20th, 2014. Kickass jewelry pieces along with the “Lift Heavy” theme song are among the perks available for contributors. GO GET IT!

Lift Heavy Artwork by Noah Meyers
Mastering by Ursa Major Sound
Bad Bad photos, logo, and campaign link, courtesy of Bad Bad Jewelry