Song Preview

*Note: Deep Calling is a premium Melody with basic production.

Love Story

This past July marked the Silver Anniversary for MelodyWed clients, Jenn and John. Jenn wanted to surprise her husband of 25 years with a custom love song written and played live for their first dance at their vow renewal celebration. The vow renewal ceremony was held in Ukiah, CA on the grounds of a beautiful piece of land recently purchased by the couple. The acquisition of this property, which the family is calling Tehom Qara, marks a significant life transition and adds depth (literally) to their Melody. Tehom Qara means “Deep Calling” and derives from the following biblical scripture:

Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me. — Psalm 42:7

Thus, the overarching themes of the Melody include depths, waterfalls, and waves. Lines like “overflow and undertow, an ocean of grace is all I sea,” “the waterfall roars,” and “steady strength and faithfulness keep us treading the waves” all hearken to the imagery of waters representing this couple’s love. There were so many instances of metaphoric meaning throughout the discovery of this song; it was a delight to write! Another connection to waters appears in the bridge with the following adorable phrase Jenn and John frequently speak to each other:

I love you the whole world, and a hundred whales.

My heart about melted. Jenn and John graciously invited me to perform the song live during their first dance. Below is a picture of their special dance on the deck area of Tehom Qara. It was the first time John had heard the song! Jenn made her vow renewal dress; isn’t she LOVELY?

Jenn John first dance

It was such an honour to get to know Jenn and John’s story and to witness their beautiful vow renewal celebration.

Special Gift

Casia Joy Yonts has done it again with this lovely custom painting on wood section created uniquely for Jenn and John’s Melody.


The painting is called “All I Sea,” a lyric from their song. I thought it might be a fitting reminder of their Silver anniversary, a visual representation of their Melody: Deep Calling, and a graceful addition for the halls of Tehom Qara.

Happy Anniversary, Jenn and John!

What does YOUR love sound like?

Photograph 1 by Darling Ransom Photography
Album Art by Noah Meyers
Painting by Casia Joy Art