Heather and Mac moved to the Bay Area from the Pacific Northwest a few months ago. They have two children (nine and seven) and a baby on the way! We met them through a newcomer’s dinner at church and instantly connected as friends. Several weeks later at church, Mac mentioned that he would like to have a song created for his wife and family. He said he wanted the song to be finished around the time the baby is born (end of April) and that the name they had chosen for their son was significant and reflects a new season of life in their marriage and family. I could feel the weight of his request as he spoke. Mac explained to me his initial vision for a song,

“…a transition-honoring, season-empowering, family-strengthening, team-unifying, redeeming, restorative anthem of hope.”

I meet Heather tomorrow for breakfast and am so excited to connect with her about their custom love song. Baby is due at the end of April. Stay tuned for baby name and pictures! Follow the project on social media with #MW_HeatherMac.

Sneak Peek: Their Mini Melody is called “All Things New.”

What does YOUR love sound like?