You’ll read about how we met Talia and her husband Jeff on her blog post HERE, but I too want to tell our friendship story.

It was MelodyWed’s first bridal show — the exquisite San Francisco Wedding Fair. Alexander and I were wrapping up a successful five hours of meeting and greeting brides and vendors alike. We were riding on the high of adrenaline and the energy of being with people. We were exhausted, but satisfied with the networking whirlwind that is a bridal show. It was unexpected that one of the final smiles we talked to would end up becoming a dear friend! And that is exactly what she requested.

“Hi, I’m Talia. That’s my husband, Jeff over there. We just moved to San Bruno from San Diego. Can we be friends?” She may not have said it in so many words, but her adorable blunt cut bangs and lovely mauve dress reminded me of primary school days where sharing gummy bears was a guaranteed pathway to friendship. We of course said yes, and since then have enjoyed some really yummy meals together and meaningful conversations about life, love, and the wedding industry.


Talia has been a wedding professional for years and has been very helpful working through some of my business processes with me to make them more effective. She wrote a lovely post about our new friendship and MelodyWed HERE.

“Something besides the marriage and photos that LASTS from your wedding day?? How about your own custom song? My new friend Jessica from MelodyWed is on the blog today!” — Natalia

Read “Afternoons with Jessica of MelodyWed — Custom Songs for your Wedding” on Natalia’s blog and check out her STUNNING photography with her company, Talia Studio.

We have a lovely standing Wednesday work date that I now look forward to every week! Many thanks to Natalia for such a sweet post about MelodyWed and custom wedding songs.

— Jessica Lindsay