My personal experience with custom songwriting has persuaded me to be a true believer in its power and value. Here is our story:

I taught my little brother, Zachary, to play the piano until he was 12 years old. Since then, he has been truly faithful to developing his skill, technique, expertise. He is dedicated to his craft: he expresses himself through music daily, tickling piano keys, guitar strings, and vocal chords, writing songs, and pleasing the ears and hearts of the lucky in his proximity. He taught himself to play the guitar and the drums and has far surpassed his teacher in his skill on the piano.

When my husband and I were engaged to be married, my little brother, Zachary, sixteen at the time, wrote and recorded an incredibly beautiful personal love song for Alexander and me. It is called “Discover This Light.”


Discover This Light
Written and performed by Zachary Meyers

Verse 1:
Fleeting inside of a thought
A spark, though it is subtle,
Makes these hearts humble
Leave an old life behind
See their wings touch the sky

There’s no love you’ll ever know
No love you’ll ever hold
No love could ever compare
When this love is calling home
In this place you’ll always grow
This love will breathe from life’s air

Verse 2:
He’ll find in yourself the light
And you’ll speak only grace when he takes flight
He’ll find his way home to your shine
And now we’ll see you fly

Pave a way for a new kind of purpose
Break away for a great sense of life
Pull away and things may be broken
Just stay and discover this light


The first time I heard our custom song, I wept. Like literally bawled. It was so deep and meaningful and so perfectly captured “us.” I am still moved to tears when I hear it even now! I don’t think it will ever stop being powerful for our relationship. Our first dance was incredibly special and remains, to this day, my favorite memory of our wedding.

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The song is truly strengthening for our marriage. When I feel like pulling away emotionally, our song reminds me to stay connected. It exhorts me to remember that Alexander has an incredible light to discover and that together, we have a powerful love story to tell. When I listen to the lyrics and the melody swells, my heart is taken back to every romantic moment, especially that precious first dance, and it melts all over again. That is the power of song. It can hold memories, feelings, and truth in one 3 1/2 minute melody.

I had the dream for writing first dance songs before Zach wrote this for me, but being on the receiving end completely rocked my world. You will not ever regret the choice to invest in a custom love song. It is a blessing and a gift for your relationship and can be a vital source of strength and closeness with your spouse.

What does YOUR love sound like?