Rhyme: Presence Are

Presence Are A poem by Jessica Lindsay Presence are a golden gift wrapped with lightest lace, delicate dreams, fleeting face. Once time is speed too quickly past, A feather floats to bleeding blast. Instead retreat into my mind. A haven sure, in weakness bind myself to this ole bollard true, amidst the sea and ocean blue It’s tickered tape that I allow to trickle’n’trape across my brow as slowly I digest the waves Of cadenced …

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Song Analysis: Yours I Remain

Jessie likes moving, mystical folk music and David likes country and folk. So I wrote the song in a country songwriting style and am giving it an ethereal, folk glow during sound production in the hopes that both bride and groom are satisfied with the Melody. The phrase “I used all the words they would let me” refers to a message David sent to Jessie while deployed with the Coast Guard that she quotes as …

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