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Melody//With You

Melissa and Sean blew me away with their kind, authentic, generous hearts. Their love story is pretty cute.. met in theatre in college and first date was at a California Pizza Kitchen where the conversation was slow and they colored in awkward silence for parts of it! Sean wanted to surprise her with a movie after dinner, but not knowing he already had the tickets, Melissa said no thanks when he offered to go see …

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Melody//Best Part of We

Allia and Justin are the epitome of a San Francisco couple: they live and love to the beat of their own drum. They exude a kind of casual elegance, where I picture them sitting on a picnic blanket at sunset in some artsy park sipping red wine and musing about a punk show they just saw at the Fillmore. The second verse of their song surrounds this theme of art in their life. “He is …

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Melodies, Vol. 1

Loading… Our first album is here!! A collection of thirteen songs in all different genres, written for various couples around the world to reflect their own distinct experiences of love. Within these songs you’ll hear stories both familiar and unique, haunting and hopeful, whimsical and grounding. What I love about Melodies, Vol. 1 is that it represents our first fruits: the beginning of our adventure writing custom love songs for others. Now here is the …

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To Edible Schoolyard

MelodyWed® is dedicated to supporting environmental, educational, and social justice causes by contributing 5% of our business profits to a selected non-profit organization every quarter of operation. For April-June 2016, we have chosen to partner with The Edible Schoolyard Project. “The mission of the Edible Schoolyard Project is to build and share a national edible education curriculum for pre-kindergarten through high school. We envision gardens and kitchens as interactive classrooms for all academic subjects, and a …

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Melody//One Hundred Percent

Tina and Roy are literally childhood sweethearts. With a friendship that started in middle school, going on mall and movie dates in high school, and then getting serious in college, this relationship has been blossoming for a long while.  “One hundred percent We love and we live None of this fifty fifty hit or miss” The thing that stood out the most for me when talking to these two was their commitment to giving their …

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