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What does YOUR love sound like?™

Make your first dance as husband and wife as unique and memorable as the rest of your wedding.
Harness the power of a custom song to strengthen your marriage for years to come.

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Get married in the United States EVERY YEAR.


Do NOT have “their song.”

That’s where MelodyWed comes in. MelodyWed is a boutique wedding vendor providing a custom songwriting service and professionally-recorded love song for a couple’s unique first dance.

Video by Novel Hill

MelodyWed is the fresh new idea in first dance songs. We want to revolutionize the current process of choosing a first dance song for your wedding. Gone are the days of pouring over lists of popular and often overdone first dance songs. Gone are the days of scouring the radio for the song that kind of fits you and your fiance. Imagine for a moment, an original love song written just for you that tells your unique story.

  • I cannot really capture with words how special it was to dance to an amazing song that is actually about my wife and me and be able to have it forever.

    Jessie and David· California,USA
  • Having Jessica write “Marry You” as our first dance song was such a relief from trying to find a song that fit our story and wasn’t a cheesy, overdone wedding tune.

    Becca and Robbie· California, USA
  • MelodyWed gives you the chance to have a song that's about you and your love story. It's the final detail that will make your wedding truly special.

    Brandon Smith· Wedding Photographer, Novel Hill Studio
  • I was convinced. Not only was she talented with a beautiful voice, but she was versatile enough to provide the truly “customized” song I was looking for.

    Steve· Wisconsin, USA
  • Her skills at crafting infectious melodies and inspiring lyrics surpass the talents of many others who are in her field.

    Zachary Meyers· Singer-Songwriter

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What does YOUR love sound like?™


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Melanie and Steven_Portfolio Other Half Melanie and Steven
Portfolio_heather mac and elias Beauty from Ashes Heather and Mac
Portfolio_BadBadJewelry Lift Heavy Sarah aka Lulu
Hearts Beat Hearts Beat Taylor
All Wrapped Up All Wrapped Up Jessica Lindsay
Jessie and David Yours I Remain Jessie and David

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